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01 Playing with Fire 3
// Action Game
02 Anagramania
// Word Wars
03 Insecticide
// Shoot 'Em Up
04 Playing with Fire 2
// Action Game
05 Jumpin Jacko
// Classic platform

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Mini World Soccer

//Football Game


The World Cup is back and as always the world has gone mad for it, the hosting nation South Africa has brought us the annoying constant hum of the vuvuzelas and some crazy match results. If your team aren't winning then do something about it and play Mini World Soccer and complete in your own mini World Cup tournament.

Sweet Monster

//Puzzle Action

Sweet MonsterSweet Monster

Test your reactions and genius in Sweet Monster. He don't like it when you shtack up his shweets in the wrong order.


//Shoot 'Em Up


Anyone with Entomophobia should avoid this game. Although getting to destroy an army of insects could be theraputic. Regardless, the world needs your help. The evil insecticides have invaded, capturing all adults leaving only you and your fellow toddlers; they were unaware of the damage a 2-year-old can cause...

Puppy Racing

//Racing Game with High Scores


The ultimate Flash racing game is here, Puppy Racing! Enjoy some manic racing in this this epic game, choose between 8 characters and race your way through 12 tracks over 3 different levels. Sign up with and compare your lap times with other players!

Playing with Fire 2

//Action Game


Sequels can be tricky. The original is popular (well, it should be) so you want to retain those elements but there needs to be more. That's why we've made Playing With Fire II bigger and better; we added a choice of 4 levels, a new power up so you can throw the dynamite at opponents, warp squares and explosive paths!

Snow Trooper

//Action Game


The Evil Frostie Men have taken over Snowville and stolen all the kids' kagools. The town's only hope is that the Snow Trooper (a.k.a. Kennith Evans) and his trusty 650mm snow cannon can blast his way to the grand evil gang leader. Destroy as many of the gang as possible. In fact, shoot everything you can!



//Action Game


Yeehaw! Billy Bob Doolie has invited you to join him and his buddies Heinz, Pierre and Giles on his ranch to do some shootin'. Once there you can choose whether to blast Clay Pigeons, Chickens or for the ultimate challenge: beer cans, after first drinking them...

Jumpin Jacko

//Platform Game


Jumpin Jacko is on his massive sell out world tour but unfortunately several obstacles need to be overcome to make it a success: an you help him avoid the annoying paparazzi, save all the children and still make it on stage in time for his performance of a lifetime... Shamon?

Puppy Curling

//Sports Game


Curling is a sport that involves shoving stones across ice then scrubbing like mad to get them to land in the correct area, but how can you bring it to the masses and those without Scotland's arctic climate? Easy: replace the large granite stones with puppies and the ice with kitchen lino.

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